Akita Documentary Part One

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Published: 9 years ago
It's finally up! The documentary I made about Akita University in Akita Japan. I apologize for the cicada noise but it's summer and they're loud.

The song at the beginning is called Free by ERIKA

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I'm sure there are gay people on campus but there's nothing like an LGBT Organization as it's not a very socially recognized thing. Also, AIU doesn't have two campuses. This is a completely different school called Akita University.

5 years ago

im not outta high school yet =3
but i think im just gonna go to a University of California college then just do some study abroad through them =o

7 years ago

@Reiki101 did u go??

7 years ago

AH! Right when I get outta high school I'm totally going to AIU! It looks so kool! I can't wait~ =D!

9 years ago