Good Fruit Co. in Japan & Korea - Episode 6

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Published: 2 years ago
In this episode, Sam Ock & Uzuhan continue performing in Japan on the In Ya Mellow Tone Tour!

We spent a month in Korea and Japan during the fall of 2015. We wanted to take you guys with us by sharing some documentary-style raw-and-uncut-esque footage! This is episode 6 of our time overseas!

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재미있는 한국 일본 여정이네요
2년전이지만 드라마보다더잼나네요 ㅋ

3 months ago

Omg ㅋㅋㅋおいしいㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3 months ago

J. rocks those glasses he should wear them more often. :D

2 years ago

Man.. T.T Love "A Breath" powerful song T.T Praise God! Thank you for always sharing about the faith, hope, love in Jesus  T.T Man, it's like church services at these concerts haha. Pleaasseee, peform that song at the Goodfruit-SD concert this upcoming March mista J. Han!!! to Awaken and remind us..the body, the church to keep on with the mission :) That would be great! I'd cry hahah. God bless again!

2 years ago

If I moved to Japan, I'm pretty sure I'd get into a ton of accidents because of the opposite-ness of the roads...

2 years ago

Best quote ever: "And we brought our friends, too. Met them on Craigslist." Bless you lol

2 years ago

+Nyke Y 😂

2 years ago