Giving Out A Tenner - Russell Howard

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Published: 2 months ago
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Why are they only 6 commets

23 hours ago

What happens if a homeless person found one surely it would be more helpful for them to spend it on food from themselves

2 weeks ago

Depends on why there homeless, the reason your parents might tell u not to give money to the homeless is because most of them might be homeless because of some sort of addiction or problem, e.g a gambling addiction and they gambled away all of their money ergo making them homeless

2 days ago

Lizzie TrippleXY homeless people know what hunger feels and shares food

4 days ago

Rachel Calveley share??

1 week ago

usually, homeless people also have some sort of community and often share meals with other homeless people, thus, making your point/question irrelevant

1 week ago

Did anything good come from it?

3 weeks ago