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Published: 5 years ago
Jane Fonda: Exercises & Tools For Arthritic Hands- Primetime Health is an inside look at some of the tools and exercises that can be utilized in order to alleviate some of the pain and obstacles that are involved with battling arthritic hands. Hollywood Icon and Fitness Legend, Jane Fonda shares some of the simple techniques that can be used to avoid unnecessary pain, and a few household tools that she swears by in order to improve her quality of life, and facilitate tasks around the kitchen. Join Jane as she takes you through a short series of 7 easy hand exercises that will improve mobility, lubricate joints, and enhance strength. The time is now to say no to arthritis pain in the hands with this effective advice from Jane's all new "Prime Time Health" Series from BeFit. Be sure to tune in to BeFit every Tuesday for all new episodes! For more tips from Jane Fonda, Click Here: http://bit.ly/KSlS8n

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Omg thank you Jane!!! You've lessen my pain.

5 months ago

I can't thank you enough! My barely 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year and her hands are really starting to cause her problems. She is getting married soon and I have just bought her some of the things you show in this video. Thank you!

9 months ago

Lover all your workout and health videos!

2 years ago

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4 years ago

That first exercise with the isometrics is along the lines of what I learned for mild knee arthritis, chondromalacia. Has worked out quite well, certainly when a cortisone shot failed and I've added using a stationary bike workout at the local Y.

4 years ago

Interesting that for my chondromalacia(mild knee arthritis), I do a very effective isometric I learned online. Was more effective than getting a cortisone shot. Also bicycling on a stationary bike improved it. This demonstrates clearly the benefits of Jane's exercises for hand/thumb arthritis which I have to a minor degree.

4 years ago

hola soy de monterrey mexico me gusto mucho el video de ejercicio de las manos aluien lo tiene en español

4 years ago

THANK YOU JANE for your informative and practical techniques!. I have RA in my hands (shoulders, elbows, ankles ) and its getting more difficult to do everyday things. I appreciate u doing exercises just for those who suffer from arthritis. It seems that fitness instructors has forgotten about those who suffer from arthritis/joint problems. I will try to incorporate everything u taught and even some of your exercises. I have a question, why not do a fitness program just for arthritis?

4 years ago

Jane: no sé si leerás este comentario, pero no puedo dejar de hacerlo. Siempre hice gimnasia con tus videos, en inglés, en español, lo que fuera. Para mí son los mejores. Y punto. Ahora bien, con 54 años tengo artritis en mis pulgares y cuando descubrí este video, no lo podía creer. Solo deseo agradecerte, mujer, por todo lo que has hecho por nosotras, las mujeres. Se puede ganar dinero de infinitas formas, bueno, tú elegiste la de cuidarnos. Gracias. Desde Uruguay.

5 years ago

I have done Jane Fonda vids for years she is my workout goddess , and now im suffering with my hands and joints too and shes come back to my rescue , thanks Jane , and btw you still look fab,xx

5 years ago

this SLUT should have her fingernails pulled out!! , on Youtube!:)!!!!

5 years ago

fukin Commie. bitch ,, whore y do u dye yr hair,???? traitor SLUT!

5 years ago

It would be cool if she could do a video on face exercises!

5 years ago

I needed this! Thank you!

5 years ago

First comment whoooo

5 years ago