RiceGum - Frick Da Police (Official Music Video)

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Published: 1 week ago
Download on Apple Music: http://apple.co/2zhldMU
A thirty minute vid, I’m who you’re obsessed with
You look like your sister is the girl that you have s*x with
Uh, yeah, do you get the message?
On Twitter threaten rape, we should get this guy arrested
But I’m flexin’ versuri-lyrics.info
Can you get these sheep out my mentions?
How can I be mad? B*tch, I sleep in a mansion
Try to hold me back but I keep on advancing
When I’m looking at his head, oou, that sh*t so gigantic
I’m coming still, b*tch, my pocket’s full of hunnid’ bills
I’m in the hills, b*tch, my song just did a hunnid’ mil’
They tellin’ me to stop flexing but I’m stuntin’ still
I ran it up, all of the sudden b*tches wanna chill
Ayy, you done crawled out your little cave
You got a girl but I can tell that you a little gay
Somebody stop the school shooter, he look filled with rage
Speak on my name, little b*tch, I’ll put you in the grave
In the Wraith, I see stars like I’m K.O.’d
b*tches chase me, I don’t got no time to chase h**s
For this song, I was gonna make y’all wait though
But like H3 I had to let the weight go
I remember I was broke, I couldn’t dress a lot
Came up from nothing, little b*tch, that’s why I flex a lot
How much money did this cost you? Better guess, a lot
Is this nerd ever getting p***y? sh*t, I’m guessing not
Yeah, he used to get picked on, he a big nerd
He don’t got no points, he confuses you with big words
He said he study me for months like a mid-term
Ayy, Content Cop, can you get up off my dick sir?
Yeah, I’m yellow and I’m fly, call me Big Bird
They tryna see me start to fall like September
Try to roast me in the comments but remember
How you gon’ support a guy who proudly says the N-word?

I ran it up fast, I feel like The Flash
You can see I’m getting mad, bringing up the past
H3 stop eating snacks, b*tch you getting fat
Flew out PewDiePie just to f*ck him in the a*s
I ran it up fast, I feel like The Flash
You can see I’m getting mad, bringing up the past
H3 stop eating snacks, b*tch you getting fat
Flew out PewDiePie just to f*ck him in the a*s.
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Rice got the biggest W in history!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

1 week ago

Savage Disser lol

6 days ago

Watch the Content Deputy dude

1 week ago


1 week ago

That was the hardest belly laugh I've ever had

1 week ago


1 week ago


6 seconds ago

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1 minute ago

Makes no sense but ok 🍚

1 minute ago

Okay I'll admit, I kinda like this song, do I support AJP and think he took a W? No not exactly. I would phrase it as he temporarily won the battle but lost the war all together cause Ian brought more points to the table, and the fact you pretty much contradict yourself and keep repeating yourself. I commend you for your "EFFORT" at the very least.

2 minutes ago

Which n word do you mean

3 minutes ago

Of course rice pinned the only 12 year old that thinks he won.

3 minutes ago

Shots are fired shots are fired Bars for days

3 minutes ago

Although I am a Ricegum fan and Idubbz fan, I can still recognise their flaws. No one is perfect and everyone has their differences.

3 minutes ago

Almost 1 mil dislikes! Let's gooo!

4 minutes ago

If you just disliked this video then you fuck

4 minutes ago


5 minutes ago

alling📞all😫units🚓, shots🔫fired🔥

Shots🔫fired🔥in front of the Su🅱️reme store💯

There's about to be a 261🛂in progress

Send all available units🚨

Send in the 🅱️ack-up🚨

Send in the 🅱️ig 🔫guns🚨

Send in the 🐕canine unit🚨

Send in the... fuck👨🏻‍✈️

👁I wanna be gay🍭🏳️‍🌈 'cause you're fucked and I

wanna savour it🤤

But it's cool💯, after smashing🔨 you I'll PayPal you


Oh, no!😫You getting mad?😡

Gonna knock the phone📱right out of my hand✋🏻?

That shit💩was fucking absurd😂

You're a "rapper" who can't resolve shit💩 with


Talk like you eating some paste🤧, 🅰️yy

Is that your IQ or your age🤓? 🅰️yy

Say to your audience face👦🏻, 🅰️yy

How Jacob Sartorious👶🏻 tastes

🅰️yy, you look afraid😱, must have seen a ghost👻


Well, ditto, little 🅱️itch, but I'm not scared😎 to

show mine

W🅾️🅾️!👉🏻You've been pretending🙃

Ever since your little rice🍚balls⚽️ descended⬇️

Let kids👦🏻think you did it all💯

When you weren't capable of making up playground


That's bad😟, but then I heard👂🏻you try to rap🕳

I was more disappointed😔than when I found out

🅱️asey Neistat👺didn't have nice tats

🅱️oy, gotta flex🏋️

Gotta flex💪, flex🤸, flex🏌️

Because when😌you've got no🚫personality

Replace it with a Rolex💸🤑⌚

You really don't see your friends🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ rolling their


Hoping to die🤞🏻, they're so tired😓

Of you throwing the price💰of what you buy in their


N🅾️, n🅾️, n🅾️, n🅾️, you think they're gonna say

"Oh my God😍, you're such a legend🙏🏻

You make me so wet💦with your reckless


You gained my respect💯and you're oh so funny😆

Please, take me to your mansion🏢and fuck me!🍑 🍆"

You're fucking delusional👨🏻‍💼

So try your best to remember🤔

You are not a pimp🙄👑

You're a borderline sex offender👴

Diss boy a flavor🥓of the month🔥

But which is it, huh?🙄

A whiney😫Vietnamese😑 wanna-be gangsta🔫

It's salt😡and vi-nigga🙍🏾‍♂️

You're like Kanye🙎🏾‍♂️without the talent🔥

Like Jackie Chan😑but a little faggot🌈

Like Soulja Boy but🤔

Actually, yeah, you're exactly like Soulja Boy😂🔥

Say you don't wanna look like a little bitch👶🏻

But, dude, you're gonna be crucified☠️⚰️

How can you claim that shit💩

When you're to scared to go in on PewDiePie?👨🏼‍💻🙄

Little hoe, little bitch👶🏻

Suck my 5.3 inch dick🍆

Admit that you just got pounded⚒

I'd say "take the L" if you could pronounce it😂💯

(Get it, because you're Asian?😑)

(That's what you wanted, right?🙄)

(Hey, let's make fun of the Asian boy with his Asian

boyish eyes🉐)

Jesus Christ😰, you're as predictable as a house


To call you surface🛤level would be an insult to the

ground floor🔥

Whatever you've promised to follow➡️, you've


You can't persist for shit💩, you narcissistic🤳


Your audience is fickle🤤, here's what I predict🤔

Your channel's bound to crash👇🏻down to rubble☄️

(oh, no!)

How the fuck can someone called Gum🍬

Not realise they're in a bubble?💬

But let me guess🤔, I'm irrelevant😶, right?

Isn't that your excuse?🙄

When you're too stupid🤤to explain your views👀

'Cause you're as basic🙃as a one-block1️⃣ Rubik's


You're an insecure😟, unoriginal 📖📝little bitch👶🏻

and that's that

So, come to think of it🤔

You're actually the dog filter🐶 on Snapchat🤳🏻

Got cash💵, cash💴, money💰 and the views👀 and

the clicks👁

And yet🤔you're always gonna be a little bitch👶🏻

Now I'm finished as planned😊

It was just three minutes so it wasn't that bad‼️😈💯

But I got 1️⃣one question to ask you, 🅱️ro 🤔

Did it feel good, though?😫🔥

5 minutes ago

idubbbz took the w

5 minutes ago


5 minutes ago


6 minutes ago

A B C D E F G H I J K M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, I’m missing an L... Rice I need that back

6 minutes ago

Which one is worse? Saying "did it feel good though? (Then Laughing)" To a RAPE victim OR Just saying nigger as a joke and not meaning to offend you.

6 minutes ago

Bruh how did the cop age like 30 years in a 5 year span?

7 minutes ago

Dream mericks lmao wtf is that in the beginning of the song he couldn’t pay for the beat?

7 minutes ago

lmfao idubbbz has more likes in his diss track fuck off dude

8 minutes ago


Think u left “something” in your car ricegum

8 minutes ago

All y'all haters probably support Jake paul

8 minutes ago

Said he would stop flexing on his fans.

Still flexing.

9 minutes ago

Little 8 year olds saying “OH HE TOOK A BIG L” Nah! RiceGum is bae and look at EVERY YouTube reaction video and see who they think wins the W. (BTW the ones that say the Gay faggot were paid)

9 minutes ago

shuda kept the beat at the end... props man but keep the beat...

10 minutes ago

But thx 4 supporting the god tho

11 minutes ago

There are not that many more likes than dislikes

12 minutes ago

Man yall haters

12 minutes ago

You realize Idubbbz has no sister right?

12 minutes ago


12 minutes ago

Um the like/dislike ratio is pretty bad... 943k to 931k

12 minutes ago

I knew some haters would pop up somewhere 😑😂

12 minutes ago


12 minutes ago

idubbz got the biggest L in history🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

12 minutes ago

Roast me as hard as you can

12 minutes ago

I’ve never heard a better song!!!! Sorry I can’t hear you because this song is toFire!!

13 minutes ago

Yo are you ever gonna get this finished? You know with the no beat static. The end was pretty funny and sick but with a beat and flex and it’ll be GUCHI

13 minutes ago

Actually many people like this but they dont like rice because idubbz was good to

14 minutes ago

oops dislike

15 minutes ago

It's so funny how he flex about his 1 song!!!!!!
That hit 100m your late lol and you try to.
Diss PewDiePie 57 million vs 8million

16 minutes ago

Lol man fuck the beat

16 minutes ago

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’|

For you Ricegum

16 minutes ago

what if idubbz is making bots to dislike and make hate comments lol

16 minutes ago

This song is 🔥

16 minutes ago

Y O U A R E D U M B.
I understand you can't comprehend someone actually being intelligent about your videos and showing how you are the Asian Jake Paul. Apparently continuing doing things like flexing which people have criticized for you for in the past makes it ok to do it more
Jesus Christ I'm talking to a 5 year old in an Adults body

16 minutes ago

you always take L not W

16 minutes ago

Holy shit I heard a better song from a 12 year old

16 minutes ago

I'm a ricegum fan but rice finally got what he deserves

17 minutes ago

If you leaving a hate comment right now:/ you hella late real talk.

17 minutes ago