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Published: 8 years ago
*** LA CARMINA teamed up with Akumu Ink to release a spooky-cute Gothic Lolita Harajuku CLOTHING LINE! COME VIEW THE COLLECTION + ORDER: ***

NHK, Japans national public broadcaster, shot a 20 minute TV documentary about character bentos that focused on my work and recipe book, Cute Yummy Time.

I jumped around, made Scottish Fold kitty sandwiches and taught Harlem students how to make healthy, cute bentos. It was a success -- the children loved it and ate vegetables that they'd never tried before!

The New York Wave episode about cute bento boxes is uploaded in two parts; see the other in Related Videos or here


** INFO about my cute bento-inspired cookbook:

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7 years ago

NHK? Wow, you hit it big! Major grats! I hope you can become very famous and live a wonderful life doing this! Gambateh!

7 years ago

woo way to go lacarmina ^^,

8 years ago

Great documentary :D

8 years ago

Thanks for watching! Please check out my new cute-Gothic CLOTHING LINE and bento-inspired cookbook.

All are available to order on LACARMINA (dotcom) = thanks for your support!

8 years ago