Mayberry RFD Opening Credits with Andy Griffith

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Published: 8 years ago
Opening credits for Mayberry RFD (syndicated version), with Andy Griffith as Special Guest Star. NOTE: Fair use and education regarding Classic TV history are the purpose of this video posting.

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So you just filmed your tv? And not even half of an episode? Just the opening credits? What's the point of that? Dumbest thing ever. That's like if I uploaded The Green Mile and then acted out the movie with sock puppets.

1 year ago

I would so watch that

3 weeks ago

Yeah,When Art Bell portrayed CBS CEO Walter Paley at Area 51 on the NBC 1996-1997 show that no one remembers called 'Dark Skies'.Walter supposedly had more power than one would think

5 years ago

@lstvanN1961 beejjjjjj is right and you're wrong! Deal with it and stop being ignorant and stupid. It's people like you who ruin a great thing like YouTube. Now please shut the hell up.

6 years ago

@Beejjjjjj OMG.............All in the Family was just awful and ushered an era of dreadful TV shows. It made crass, rude and ugly acceptable. And it has been down hill ever since. Garbage, absolute garbage! Without lowlifes like Norman Lear we wouldn't have trash like the Khardashians on TV.

7 years ago

@Superbatfan Those terrible, crude and awful shows that apealed to the lowest common denominator like All in the family, Maude, etc. Mayberry RFD, Green Acres, etc. were funny, clean family entertainment. Now we have trash like the Khardashians. Ugh!

7 years ago

This theme was a version of 'incidentle'(spelling?) often used on AGShow. By the way, I was in my preteen days when this was on and I don't care what anybody says--Arlene Galonka was HOT! And what a sexy 'I'm-helpless-with-out-you' voice!

7 years ago

@Superbatfan true but would have been cool if they had some version of My TV back then for shows like this as to make room for shows like all in the family while still keeping shows like this on the air with new episodes and for those missing the regular show day due to all in the family they could have some kinda repeat on the slower days or re show them all on Fri or something

7 years ago

Love the pissed off look on Ken Berry's face when his Son Mike throws the ball through the window....

8 years ago

Damn rural purge this show could have had 6 + seasons

8 years ago