Half Priced Books & Gamestop Dumpster Dive Finds #1

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Published: 2 years ago
found an amazing amount of stuff. from posters to games. thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

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please share any books with me!!!

8 months ago

Hello. I work at Half Price Books Algonquin. Allow me to clear up a few misconceptions…

First off: items that do not sell off the shelves are not recycled. They are first sent to clearance, where they get a shot selling at $2-3 for a couple of weeks. What doesn’t sell there is then sent to our outlet stores. Algonquin alone sends anywhere from 3-6 skids every week to outlet (that’s 35 boxes per skid, or 105-210 boxes of books every week), and we are considered only a moderately busy store.

There are Half Price Books outlet stores in Rockford, IL, Ohio and Wisconsin. Boxing up items for outlet is a large part of our job. Don’t believe me? Had the books you see in the bin come off our shelves they’d all have yellow HPB stickers on them.

Second: one thing people often overlook is that when you bring in a load of books, etc. for us to make an offer on we make the offer for EVERYTHING. Quite often people bring loads straight from their basement, attic or storage unit without even looking at what the boxes contain. We try not to recycle much, but what we do is often unusable from the jump (i.e. recycled straight from the buy counter).

Here are a few types of items we recycle that otherwise look perfectly fine while sitting in the recycling bin: books that come in boxes containing rat feces, books that come in boxes that smell like cat urine, books that come in boxes that were obviously used for kitty litter boxes, books that are missing pages and yes, if you watched the video, sometimes old textbooks that now contain outdated information.

I’ll close with three final points:

1) It makes no business sense to throw out usable books. Books sell themselves. The reason you love the store is because we find the good ones and put them on the shelves.

2) All businesses create a certain amount of waste. Dumpster dive behind any restaurant or 7-11 and the amount of food in the garbage will make you cringe. It’s unfortunate (and quite often tossed to prevent you from getting sick).

3) Nobody I work with does this job for the money. We work for Half Price Books because we are obsessed with books, music, movies, etc. Our small staff of 18 works 363 days per year making sure good books don’t get thrown away because that just doesn’t sit right with us.

1 year ago

Apparently sports games aren't very popular to game stores anymore.

1 year ago

They are not.

1 year ago

man they are always throwing out great stuff!!!!

1 year ago

We're actually not.

1 year ago