Bad Tour Documentary in Tokyo, Japan Part 3

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Published: 8 years ago
Bad Tour Documentary in Tokyo, Japan Part 3

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Who is hoashyaki 😂😂😂

6 months ago

I wonder what it was Michael was talking about...about Yoshiaki...something bad happened. :'(
Michael's heart was as big as the sky. What a beautiful heart, soul and spirit. Sweet, sweet Michael, we miss you soooooo much.

4 years ago

bubbles is doing the moonwalk!! hi hi :-D
at 5.09 the little girl is like: "wwooowww!! Who´s this nice guy??" :-)
5.28 is the cutest thing ever, when he hold her hand! aaahhh....

6 years ago

mike was so sweet

7 years ago

I love this part so much. At 6:17-6:23 I was like stfu so I can har wtf he's saying!!!!!! And aaawwww to when he was crying...And I love how at the end he was like "how do you say bye in japanese." Michael, I wouldn't ever want you to say bye to me sugar... :) R.I.P. Sexiiii!!!!

7 years ago